Milky White Silica Gel / Milky Silica Gel / Non-Transparent Silica Gel / Wide Pore Silica Gel
Milky White Silica Gel is also known as Milky Silica Gel or Non-Transparent Silica Gel. It is also known as Traditional Silica Gel. Application of Milky White Silica Gel is very special & Mfg. process for the same is also very different. We are one of few Indian Silica Gel Manufacture who is also Manufacturer of Milky White Silica Gel. We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Milky White Silica Gel.
Milky White Silica Gel main ingredient is SiO2 in dissolvable in water and inorganic acid dissolvable in hydrofluoric acid and thick caustic alkali solution. Milky White Silica Gel is mainly used as catalyst and catalyst carrier used for determination of the molecular weight of high polymer in gel chromatograph and also used for separation of such macromolecule as protein and nucleic acid Milky White Silica Gel is also used for refining and purifying biological active substance as well as chemical synthesis substance, also used for separation of high polymer and as the carrier of gel chromatography, meanwhile, Milky White Silica Gel is also the basic raw material for preparation of other fine silica gel products. This product is milky Granular or Crystals Silica gel or can be processed into powder at the request
Available in Size :
Milky White Silica Gel is available in Size:-  2 – 12 mm
Application :
Drying and moisture removal, it can also be used as catalyst carrier, adsorbent, separator and variable-pressure adsorbent, etc.

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